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Marketing Tools for Marketing Planning & Management.

Download hundreds of marketing tools and tactical plans. Create growth strategies. Manage marketing plans online.




“Growth Panel helped turn my $50k per year marketing practice into a seven-figure revenue stream with more than 300 clients.”

Scott Salkin | President, Identity Studios, Inc.

Be more effective. The best marketers think strategically and manage tactically.
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Select a business challenge. Drill down and customize the results. Export to your project for execution.   Manage, track, update and share project details and documents with your team. It's simple, yet powerful.
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Access more than 1,600 pages published in Word and Excel to use on the job. Follow the process.   Add your lown logo, fonts and colors to make the tools and the application your own.
Marketing Tools for Marketing Planning

Marketing is often misunderstood. Everyone defines it differently, and there are so many moving parts--it’s nearly impossible to know every solution or possibility. How do you know what types of campaigns to run? What media will be most effective? How do you use marketing to enhance your business strategy?

And after you get the answers, how do you turn them into results?

Growth Panel helps you define your strategy by delivering the marketing planning infrastructure with marketing tools for execution. Instead of focusing on the latest marketing trends, Growth Panel delivers an unbiased view of almost every type of business marketing activity. In marketing, there’s no “one-size-fits-all.” Growth strategies that work for one doesn’t always work for another. Growth Panel's marketing tools follow the Marketing M.O. marketing process to deliver a comprehensive solution for easy marketing management.

  Intelligent Marketing Management

Growth Panel is the first resource to integrate a career’s worth of marketing tools into an integrated marketing planning and online project management application. The result? Marketing software and marketing tools that form an intelligent marketing management platform for building and executing growth strategies.

Because it’s online, you and your team can access your Growth Panel 24/7. It’s safe and secure, so you can centralize your marketing activities, management and resources.

If you’re a consultant or marketer, use Growth Panel to define growth strategies for your clients, manage marekting execution, expand your marketing intelligence and improve your marketing management.


What they’re saying...

"Growth Panel is everything you need to take full control over your marketing and sales strategies, tactics and processes! It’s the best marketing management system out there – hands down -- and we have examined quite a few...It's unbeatable for anyone who's focused on core business growth strategies - the stuff that puts your money where your mouth is ."

Are Stegane
CEO, Left Brain Marketing

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Distributor Program...

If you’d like to sell Growth Panel licenses, we’ll share license revenue. Our distributor program is like an affiliate program, with greater upside.

We require that our distributors have a license, so step one is to set up yours.

If you’re a consultant and have quality I.P. that adds value, we’ll review it and consider adding it to our product under your own brand. That means more exposure for you, more leads, and more engagements.